Delhi High Court: Right to Choose Life Partner Unaffected by Religion

The Delhi High Court has said that people have the right to choose their life partners, and this choice shouldn’t be controlled by religion or beliefs. The right to marry is an important part of personal freedom. It’s not the government, society, or parents who can decide whom you marry, especially when it involves two consenting adults.

The court made this statement while helping a couple who were getting threats from the woman’s family. They got married under a special law because they belonged to different religions, and the parents didn’t agree.

The court said that the right to marry who you want is not just important in our country but is also part of international human rights. It’s a fundamental part of the Indian Constitution, which guarantees the right to life.

The judge also said that the woman’s parents can’t threaten the couple because they don’t need anyone’s approval for their choices.

The court ordered that the police should give the couple the contact information for a specific police officer and the local police station. They can call them if they need help. The police should also protect them as required by the law.

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