Why Us?

LawScent is an intuitive online platform that makes it speedier and simpler to discover and contact the finest Attorneys in any city/court in India.

We aim to simply help you find the right lawyer for you and your organization. We are helping individuals, corporates, Start-ups get legal services at exceptionally affordable prices and associating them with the “right lawyers” as per their requirements.With our ever-growing 4000+ lawyer networks with a meticulous background which is thoroughly checked, Case Managers to follow on the case till the end and highly assisted legal content contributed by experts. We can assure you to have a pleasant experience with us. We are committed to having our clients satisfied with the legal terms and issues to let them make an informed decision.

How will the platform work for different clients?

For Individual Clients- Lawyers on our website will help you in meeting all your personal requirements (divorce, family, cybercrime etc.) The lawyers will abide by the professionality by keeping the communication simple and confidential. The lawyers on board will perform his duties zealously in preparing a feasible defense.We will also work as a medium of support in your times of need and will even a ccompany you to the court if required. There will be a designated case manager for your matter who will handle your matter until the end of the case and share with you a daily status.

For Lawyers- This platform helps lawyers in getting more clients to the table, select among them and respond to the ones that interest them. It also works behind connecting lawyers across cities and helps them in seeking advice related to any legal matters. One can also pitch other lawyers from the same local area of authority to deal one’s case in case of unavailability. Lawyers can also perform research related to any legal affairs and explore possibilities with the expert in-house seniors.

For Corporate Clients- Our specialized corporate law lawyers ensure the legal corporate transactions, advice the management of their duties and rights, including specific services like drafting, reviewing legal documents, handling business contracts, mergers, acquisitions, drafting term sheets for seeking investments, disinvestments, administrative compliance, registration etc. The consigned lawyers also assist in your startup by providing services such as C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs and Limited Partnership, dividing shares among founders, standard forms, standard contract, employee contracts etc. We have a list of lawyers available within the vicinity of rural areas so that you get to select among the best ones.

Why was this required?

Legal Services in India is a tedious and very convoluted process which if goes into the wrong hands can damage you for all your life. Therefore, we decided to build this product where you can find lawyers near you, interact and then decide on the best fit. Our website also lets you get free advice which otherwise is payable offline. The fees of the lawyers are according to the market standards and are affordable for everyone. Not only the individuals but we promise to deliver convenient legal backing to corporates as well.

We also believe that legal assistance is a right of every citizen irrespective of their financial conditions. We are here to commence special programs for people who reach out to us for legal advice and are financially not strong enough to finance the procedure.

In short, We Will work as a personal assistant so that you can concentrate on other important things of life. Our endeavor is to become the number one choice for any sort of legal assistance individuals and corporates and a professional community for the lawyers. We are growing enough to help individuals find their right lawyer by sitting in the comfort in their homes.