Cows are worshipped in India; God will never forgive us if they are killed: Gujarat High Court

The Gujarat High Court, in a recent hearing, emphasized the sacred significance of cows in Indian culture and expressed concern over the treatment of stray cattle. The court, led by Justice Ashutosh Shastri, took a strong stand against the rotting carcasses of cattle found in open areas, stating that even God would not forgive such acts.

The court is actively addressing the issue of stray cattle in Gujarat, hearing petitions seeking contempt of court action against the state government for its perceived failure to tackle the problem. The concern arose after several individuals lost their lives in cattle attacks.

During the proceedings, the court criticized the government’s response and stressed the need for accountability among officials. It acknowledged poor conditions in cattle pounds and granted the cattle owners’ counsel the right to inspect them.

Cows being worshipped in India played a crucial role in the court’s observations. The government’s counsel highlighted the religious aspect and assured that cows are worshipped before being taken to pounds.

The court also delved into traffic regulations, with Advocate General Kamal Trivedi outlining measures to address issues such as illegal parking and wrong-side driving. The court acknowledged these efforts but emphasized citizens’ responsibility in abiding by rules.

A January 5 deadline was set for the strict implementation of traffic measures, with the court requesting a progress report. Justice Shastri emphasized the importance of citizens’ cooperation and civic sense.

In conclusion, the court’s recent actions underscore its commitment to addressing the intertwined issues of stray cattle and traffic problems in Gujarat. The emphasis on cultural values, accountability, and citizen cooperation reflects the court’s dedication to ensuring safety and welfare. As the court continues its efforts, the effectiveness of implemented measures and citizen involvement remains a key focus.

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