Delhi Will Turn into a Barren Desert if Deforestation Continues, Warns Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court has raised serious concerns about Delhi’s future environment, warning that ongoing deforestation could turn the city into a barren desert. This warning came during discussions on setting up a committee to protect forests in Delhi. The committee, led by former judge Justice Najmi Waziri, was formed after a request from the high court on April 4.

In a hearing on May 31, Justice Tushar Rao Gedela mentioned that Delhi recently recorded a temperature of 52.9 degrees Celsius on May 30, 2024. However, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) later clarified that this high reading at Mungeshpur on May 29 was due to a sensor error.

Justice Gedela stressed the urgent need to address deforestation to stop Delhi from becoming a desert. The court reviewed a report by Justice Waziri, which highlighted the need for proper infrastructure to support the committee’s work. The chief conservator of forests informed the court that the necessary resources had been approved by the minister of the general administration department and were waiting for final approval from the cabinet and the Lieutenant Governor.

Advocate Gautam Narayan, acting as a friend of the court, emphasized the need to provide the required resources quickly. He warned against delays due to bureaucracy, stating that the needed infrastructure and other facilities should be provided without delay. Justice Gedela ordered that the approval process should not take longer than June 15 and that the infrastructure should be ready within 15 days after approval.

The court’s concerns highlight the urgent need for environmental protection in Delhi to combat rising temperatures and prevent severe ecological damage.