Delhi High Court Puts Hold on Providing FIR Copy to Accused Neelam Azad in Parliament Security Breach Case

In the ongoing Parliament Security Breach case, the Delhi High Court has stepped in to pause a trial court’s decision to give Neelam Azad, one of the accused individuals, a copy of the First Information Report (FIR). The High Court, in its intervention, emphasized that the FIR contains sensitive information and highlighted a crucial guideline from the Supreme Court. According to this directive, in cases involving sensitive details, the accused should first request the FIR copy from the Police Commissioner. The Commissioner is then expected to form a three-member committee to decide whether it’s appropriate to provide the FIR to the accused or not.

The stay order ensures that proper procedures are followed, especially in cases with delicate information. The Supreme Court’s guidelines aim to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of investigations. By requiring the accused to go through the Police Commissioner first, it adds an extra layer of scrutiny before handing over sensitive documents.

The Delhi High Court’s intervention comes after a trial court, on December 21, directed the Delhi Police to furnish a copy of the FIR to Neelam Azad. Despite strong opposition from the Delhi Police’s Special Public Prosecutor Akhand Pratap Singh, the trial court insisted on providing the FIR to the accused.

However, the High Court has now stayed the execution of the trial court’s order, urging compliance with the established procedures in such high-profile and sensitive cases. This ensures that the release of information aligns with legal standards and safeguards the ongoing investigation. The case is scheduled for further consideration on January 4, 2024, allowing the High Court to thoroughly assess the situation and make informed decisions based on legal protocols.