Manipur High Court Directs State to Lift Mobile Internet Ban in Violence-Free Areas

The Manipur High Court has issued a directive to the State of Manipur concerning the use of mobile internet. They ordered the state to open and test mobile towers on a trial basis in district headquarters that have not experienced violence. Chief Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Golmei Gaiphulshillu Kabui, part of a Division Bench, also instructed the state to expand mobile services to other areas where the law and order situation permits.

Previously, the Manipur government extended the ban on mobile internet until November 8, with plans to conduct a trial run of mobile towers in district headquarters not affected by violence. Special State counsel M Rarry for the Manipur government provided the court with a copy of the government’s order, leading to the court’s directive.

The court emphasized that even in districts partially affected by violence, mobile towers should be put into operation in areas that have remained unaffected. Furthermore, the government was instructed to publish copies of all orders related to the suspension of internet services in Manipur on its official website.

This matter is scheduled for a compliance check on November 9, ensuring that the directive is followed. The court’s decision aims to allow more areas to access mobile internet while considering the security situation in different parts of Manipur.

Supreme Court Ensures Access to Manipur High Court Amid Violence Concerns

The Supreme Court is checking that lawyers from all backgrounds can access the Manipur High Court amid concerns. They clarified they don’t intend to run Manipur’s administration but aim to ensure lawyers’ access. This relates to cases about violence in Manipur. The Court ordered a CBI inquiry into a video showing women paraded naked. A committee is studying the situation and suggesting actions. Topics like Aadhaar cards, disability certificates, and victim compensation were discussed during the hearing.