Delhi Lawyer Faces 7-Year Suspension for Forging Court Decrees and Misleading Clients

The Delhi Bar Council has taken decisive action against Advocate Peeush Kulshreshtha, deciding to suspend his license for seven years due to serious professional misconduct. This decision follows Mr. Kulshreshtha’s engagement in unethical practices, including the presentation of forged decrees and the provision of false assurances from 2009 to 2022.

The case was initiated by a complainant who accused the advocate of misconduct. The complainant, whose husband’s father had passed away, alleged that Mr. Kulshreshtha initially represented her husband but later ceased appearing, leading to an ex-parte decision. The advocate allegedly provided false assurances and concealed the actual outcome, promising the complainant and her husband ownership of a disputed shop and assuring to facilitate the mutation process.

When the matter reached the Disciplinary Committee, Mr. Kulshreshtha did not appear. Despite multiple attempts to involve him, including filing a police complaint, the advocate intentionally avoided participating in the proceedings. The Disciplinary Committee noted the inappropriate conduct and deliberate absence, indicating a lack of interest in contesting the matter on its merits.

The Bar Council deemed the allegations against Mr. Kulshreshtha extremely serious. The creation of forged court decrees not only defrauded his clients but also represented a misuse of his license, undermining the law and justice delivery system. The Council referred to a relevant case, emphasizing the gravity of such professional misconduct and the necessity for deterrence and correction.

According to the Bar Council, advocates are not granted licenses to engage in illegal activities that tarnish the legal profession’s image. Upholding the standards of the legal fraternity is crucial, and any member falling below these standards deserves punishment proportionate to the gravity of the misconduct.

In light of these findings, the Bar Council found Mr. Peeush Kulshreshtha guilty of gross misconduct and suspended his advocate license for seven years. Additionally, he has been directed to pay Rs.2,00,000/- as compensation to the complainant for the damages suffered. This decision reinforces the commitment to maintaining the credibility and reputation of the legal profession, ensuring that advocates adhere to the highest ethical standards.