Delhi Court Denies Bail to Kejriwal’s Aide in Swati Maliwal Assault Case

A Delhi court recently denied the bail plea of Bibhav Kumar, an aide to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, in a case involving the assault of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Swati Maliwal. Kumar was accused of assaulting Maliwal at the Chief Minister’s residence on May 13 and was placed in judicial custody on May 24.

The court rejected Kumar’s bail request, emphasizing that Maliwal’s allegations must be taken seriously and that there was a risk of Kumar influencing witnesses or tampering with evidence. The court also mentioned that the delay in registering the FIR (First Information Report) did not significantly impact the case, as Maliwal’s injuries were documented in a medico-legal certificate four days after the incident. The court stated that if the incident were premeditated, the FIR would have been filed immediately.

Kumar plans to appeal the decision in the Delhi High Court. According to Maliwal’s allegations, while she was waiting to meet Kejriwal at his official residence, Kumar screamed at her, threatened her, used abusive language, and brutally assaulted her by dragging and banging her head on a table.

During the bail hearing, Kumar’s lawyer argued that the allegations were premeditated and false, meant to defame him because Maliwal believed he was responsible for her not meeting the Chief Minister. The lawyer also noted that Maliwal chose the location of the alleged assault because there were no CCTV cameras. In response, Maliwal broke down in court, claiming that AAP had deployed its resources to tarnish her image, holding press conferences against her, and labeling Kumar as abnormal.

The Delhi Police, in their report, described the incident as a serious case where the brutal assault could have been fatal. They accused Kumar of not cooperating with the investigation and being evasive in his responses. The police noted the severity of the case, as it involved the assault of a Member of Parliament, and highlighted Kumar’s lack of cooperation during questioning.

Recently, Kumar was taken to Mumbai to recover data from his phone, which he had allegedly formatted before his arrest. Police suspect that he transferred the data to someone or a device in Mumbai before wiping the phone. His phones, laptop, and CCTV recordings from Kejriwal’s house have been sent for forensic examination.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) also weighed in, claiming that Kumar was called to the Chief Minister’s residence after Maliwal arrived. The commission demanded details on who called him and called for an investigation into the call records of all involved parties, including the Chief Minister.

The AAP has dismissed Maliwal’s allegations, accusing her of being used by the BJP to defame Arvind Kejriwal ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. The party insists that Maliwal’s claims are politically motivated and intended to damage Kejriwal’s reputation.

In summary, Bibhav Kumar remains in custody as the court takes Maliwal’s allegations seriously, citing potential risks of witness tampering and evidence manipulation. The case has drawn significant attention, with both political and legal implications, as investigations continue and appeals are planned.