Supreme Court Urges Priority for 40-Year-Old Rape and Murder Conviction Appeal

The Supreme Court has urged the Calcutta High Court to prioritize the appeal of a 75-year-old lawyer convicted in a rape and murder case dating back to 1983. While the Supreme Court typically doesn’t set specific timeframes for lower courts, it made an exception due to the exceptionally lengthy trial process, which took 40 years to conclude. The convicted lawyer had been found guilty of raping and killing his niece. His appeal was admitted in the Calcutta High Court, but his application for bail was initially dismissed due to his refusal to provide a semen sample for investigation. However, the Supreme Court, considering the trial’s delay, the appellant’s age, and the case’s age, decided to grant him bail on stringent terms and conditions pending the final appeal outcome. The Court also emphasized the lawyer’s responsibility to ensure the appeal’s expeditious resolution and discouraged unreasonable adjournments. The State was given the liberty to request bail cancellation if the lawyer’s actions caused further delays in the appeal process.