Kerala High Court: Introducing Malayalam Version of Indian Law Reports

The Kerala High Court has broken new ground by launching a Malayalam version of the Indian Law Reports (ILR) on its website. This marks a pioneering effort by a High Court in India to make law journals available in a regional language. The decision to publish the law reports in Malayalam is driven by the aim to enhance legal accessibility for the general public.

With this initiative, important judgments from the Supreme Court and High Courts will be accessible to a wider audience, without language barriers. By providing legal information in the local language, the Kerala High Court hopes to make the legal landscape more understandable and approachable for the common people.

The inauguration of this unique venture took place on November 1, Kerala Piravi Dinam, which commemorates the founding of the state. Chief Justice AJ Desai inaugurated the initiative at 9:50 am.

In summary, the Kerala High Court has set a significant precedent by launching a Malayalam version of the Indian Law Reports, thereby making legal knowledge more accessible to the public.

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