DNLU Introduces Menstrual Leave Policy for Female Students

The Dharmashastra National Law University in Jabalpur, India, has introduced a new policy allowing female students to take leave during their menstrual cycles. This decision came in response to a request from the Student Bar Association (SBA) to provide special leave for female students facing difficulties during their periods.

Before this policy, the university allowed students to take leave for up to 36 lectures each semester, which is equivalent to missing six classes for each of their six subjects. With this new policy, full-time female students at DNLU can use these leaves specifically to address challenges related to their menstrual cycles.

The university’s circular announcing this policy states that the Dean of Student Welfare will be responsible for approving these leaves. The SBA worked hard to explain to the university authorities why these leaves were necessary and why they shouldn’t be seen as unfair to male students.

Kartik Jain, former Vice-President of the SBA, explained that this policy is an addition to an existing make-up leave policy that already included six criteria for taking leave. Now, menstrual leave has been included as a valid reason for students to use make-up leave.

This change was only possible because of the efforts of DNLU students, and they are thankful to the administration for accepting their request.

DNLU previously made headlines for introducing audio-visual learning for students, and this new policy is another step towards providing better support to its students. Additionally, Khaitan & Co, an Indian law firm, recently announced a similar menstrual leave policy for its female employees, starting from October 1.

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