Delhi High Court Inquires About Why Arvind Kejriwal Receive Mangoes and Sweets from Family

In a recent development, a Delhi Court has expressed confusion over why Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, received mangoes, sweets, and aloo puri from his family while in jail, despite his medical condition. Kejriwal, who is diabetic, has a prescribed diet that doesn’t include such foods.

The court had previously allowed Kejriwal to have home-cooked meals in prison due to his health condition. However, it was discovered that these meals sometimes didn’t follow the prescribed diet. The court questioned both Kejriwal’s family for sending inappropriate food and the jail authorities for allowing it.

The judge remarked that the jail authorities were aware of the food Kejriwal was receiving but didn’t take any action to ensure compliance with the court’s order and medical prescriptions. The court rejected Kejriwal’s request to consult his doctor daily via video conference, noting that the jail authorities should take care of his health.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) argued that Kejriwal might be intentionally consuming foods like mangoes and sweets to spike his sugar levels and use it as a basis for bail. The court examined this claim and found that mangoes were not specifically prescribed by Kejriwal’s doctor, unlike mushrooms, which were medically recommended.

Regarding Kejriwal’s request for insulin administration, the court noted discrepancies between his medical report and the jail doctor’s report. The jail authorities stated that Kejriwal couldn’t decide on insulin administration himself and hadn’t been taking it since February 2024.

The court emphasized that Kejriwal should not receive special treatment compared to other inmates, as the jail authorities are equipped to manage his health, including monitoring his blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Kejriwal is currently in judicial custody due to the Delhi liquor policy case and has appealed his arrest to the Supreme Court.

Overall, the court highlighted the importance of adhering to medical prescriptions and ensuring that inmates, including public figures like Kejriwal, receive proper care while in custody.

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