Delhi High Court Imposes Restrictions on Bohemia Amid Contract Dispute with Saga Music

The Delhi High Court has issued an interim order restraining Punjabi rapper Bohemia, also known as Roger David, from collaborating with any music label other than Saga Music. This legal development stems from a lawsuit filed by Saga Music against Bohemia, accusing him of violating their contract.

According to court documents, Bohemia had entered into an exclusive talent engagement agreement with Saga Music in December 2019, committing to work solely with them for a duration of 45 months. The agreement explicitly stated that Saga Music would own all intellectual property rights to Bohemia’s songs, videos, and performances. Moreover, Bohemia was not permitted to collaborate with any other artist or label without obtaining prior written consent from Saga.

Saga Music alleged that Bohemia breached the agreement by failing to produce any songs for them and continuing with musical tours. Additionally, Bohemia released songs in collaboration with other artists on his YouTube channel, a violation of the exclusivity clause in the contract.

The court, after considering Saga Music’s claims, issued an ex parte ad interim order, effective until the next hearing scheduled for February 23. This order prohibits Bohemia from creating music videos, songs, or engaging in public performances without obtaining prior written permission from Saga Music. It also prohibits Bohemia and his associates from making any defamatory posts about Saga Music on social media.

Senior Advocate Akhil Sibal represented Saga Music in the legal proceedings, highlighting the potential irreparable harm Saga Music could face if an interim order was not granted.

In summary, the Delhi High Court’s decision serves as a temporary measure to safeguard Saga Music’s interests amid Bohemia’s alleged contract violations. The court has indicated its initial belief in the merits of Saga Music’s case, and the interim order is intended to prevent further harm to the label until a thorough examination occurs during the next hearing on February 23.

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